These are works of fanfiction, created out of love for particular stories and characters. No profit is being made. These works are shared purely for fun.

Fancrone Social

Fancrone Social is a private messaging service based on StatusNet (very similar to Twitter). Membership is by invitation only. Please contact JunoMagic for more information.

Visit Fancrone Social

Using Fancrone Social

  • When you receive your invitation, it will contain a link to accept the invitation, which will allow you to create an account at Fancrone Social.
  • All posts are listed on the front page of Fancrone Social. The Personal tab only shows those people you have subscribed to.
  • If you use a desktop or mobile application to follow Fancrone Social, you will only see the people you have subscribed to. You can find desktop and mobile apps at the StatusNet website.